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GE Appliances Warranty

  • Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

LG Appliance Warranty

  • Comes with 1 Year Free 3rd Party Warranty

  • Within 30 days if functional issues are not fixable, we will exchange for the same make and model.

  • After 30 days, CPS warranty coverage will begin.


Helpful tips

  • Warranty coverage begins 30 days after the product purchase.

  • Customers register themselves; instructions are included in the warranty card provided at checkout.

  • Do not remove barcode labels from the appliance, they are used to confirm the warranty. If you need it relocated, let us know.

Prices are Negotiable!

​When we do our pricing, we take into account the current price from competitors and the level of cosmetic blemishes to present you with the best price! However, that does not mean prices are final. We offer pick up discounts and package discounts for example. It never hurts to attempt to barter with us!

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